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    The Sylacauga High School Library Media Center is the nucleus of our evolving school curriculum; a curriculum that is designed to stimulate, encourage and develop student educational, intellectual, and social needs.  Each student's learning style is unique; therefore, a large collection of print, e-books, and audiovisual material is available in the Library Media Center (LMC).

    The resources and services support all subject areas at every comprehension level.  In addition, the collection addresses the recreational interests of students, faculty, and staff.  The LMC staff works with the faculty and administration as a team to make the students' learning experience enjoyable and successful.   The LMC is automated, utilizing Follett's Destiny software.  The collection is accessible inside the LMC and via Internet, utilizing the library's webpage or the main page of the school's website. 

    The Sylacauga High School Library Media Center operating hours are 7:30 am - 3:30 pm.  The staff invites students in to discover exciting print and electronic books, magazines, and newspapers for reading pleasure and class assignments.  Come in to search for Internet material, type and/or print papers, collaborate on class projects, conduct study sessions, or leisurely read.


    Destiny is the online catalog search engine where you can surf our resources from within the school network.

     Library Media Center Rules and Policies

    Our Library Media Center contains a selection of books that is outstanding for a high school. Library material is selected according to the school’s curriculum and the student’s needs. The following are things one needs to know in order to get the most out of the library:



    1. Students must bring a pass when entering the LMC without his/her class

    2. Do not tear out pages from library books, magazines, newspapers, nor mark in them or on the tables and chairs

    3. Food, drinks, nor gum chewing is permitted in the library unless otherwise given permission.

    4. All students are eligible to check out books without a card. There is no limit to the number of books students can check out.

    5. The loan period for books is 2 weeks unless otherwise specified. Books can be renewed for an additional two weeks unless they are on reserve for a special purpose.

    6. Overdue notices are sent to students every Wednesday morning. Students will receive 3 notices before they are assigned D-Hall for delinquent library accounts.

    7. Fines for overdue books are 5 cents a day including the weekends, but not holidays.

    8. Overdue books and fines are carried over into the next school and school year.

    9. If a student loses a book, he/she has until the end of the month to find it. If the book has not been found by that time, the book must be paid for or the student check-out privilege may be revoked.

    10. Books on reserve can be checked out overnight or over the weekend. They must be returned the next school day before the first block class, or 25 cents per item will be levied until it is returned.

    11. There is no charge for printing black and white pages in the library. However, printing color pages are $1.00 per page.

    12. All magazines except the latest copy may be checked out overnight and must be returned before going to the first period or a fine of 25 cents per item fine will be levied.

    13. Internet searching is available for students and faculty. Internet should be utilized for educational purposes only.

    14. Students are permitted to bring their personal devices, i.e. IPads, Chromebooks, and cellphones for reading and classroom projects.


    The library is open before and after school.




    How Can We Serve You?

    The library is provided for your convenience and all students and faculty are encouraged to utilize it. The library media specialist will help students select and locate classroom and leisure books. Students can also get assistance with using Alabama Virtual Library, e-books, and/or other Internet sources. Student “Log-In” user name and password for computer use is available upon request.



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    Contact: Frances Dates


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