• WELCOME, Prospective Work-Based Learning Student!

    Congratulations! You have the opportunity to participate in the Sylacauga High School Work-Based Learning (WBL) Program.  Participating in this program is the beginning of an exciting and rewarding career pathway.  Through Work-Based Learning, classroom learning is combined with work experience. Along the way, you will be expected to meet certain standards. Knowing what is expected of you at school and during your worksite experience will help you to succeed, so take the time to review the following pages carefully.

    With the privilege of being a Work-Based learning student comes the responsibility involving career commitment and continued effort on your part. The fact that you have elected to participate in the Work-Based Learning program shows that you are willing to strive for success and to build a foundation for your future career.

    Along with your responsibilities on the job, there are responsibilities you are expected to fulfill as described throughout the following documents. Please make sure to read ALL Documents.

     The following is required for you to maintain during the semester of WBL:

    • You are expected to sign out daily. This is a requirement of the State Work-Based Learning rules
    • Portfolio/Notebook (A copy of the Work-Based Learning Student-Parent Manual should remain in your portfolio as a reference
    • Monthly Hours Worked-Wage and Hour Reports
    • Check Stubs or Internship Hours Verification
    • Employer Evaluations
    • Portfolio assignments when due during the semester
      • Assignments, along with due dates, will be posted on the coordinator’s Classroom or via Remind.


    • Students will not leave school early on the first day of school.
    • Communicate with your employer that you are REQUIRED to meet with the Work-Based Learning Coordinator until ALL paperwork has been submitted. 
    • I will send you reminders (with the Remind app) to complete your wage and hour report bi-weekly, If wage and hour reports are not turned in on Google Classroom on or before 8:00 a.m. each Monday morning, they are late and will be graded accordingly.
    • Students are required to inform employers of schedule adjustments needed for special testing days and other school-related events. Students must follow scheduled adjusted class times.
    • While there isn't a classroom that you report to daily, you will be completing assignments and turning them in weekly. 
    • Students are to meet with the Work-Based Learning Coordinator during the Work-Based Learning period shown on your schedule to either sign out and/or to attend scheduled meetings.  

      This is going to be a great year! Plan to learn a lot and to have a lot of fun learning! See you at your training station!  Best wishes as you begin on this new venture. I wish you success and pledge my support during this exciting endeavor.

    Pamela McTier, Work-Based Learning Coordinator


    256 245-6674



    1. 100% on Safety Test 
    2. Folder is verified "complete" by WBL coordinator, with the following information completed:
      1. Training Agreement
      2. Rules Regulations
      3. Application
      4. Emergency Contact
      5. Teacher Recommendations
      6. Interview Evaluation Form
      7. Training Plan
    1. All accounts required for WBL have been set up and verified by WBL coordinator:
      1. Remind
      2. Google Classroom
      3. OpenTimeClock
      4. Google (GMail) Account

    Come to Ms. McTier Room for the Work-Based Learning Workshop and to get all accounts setup up during your scheduled WORK-BASED LEARNING TIME OR ATTEND THE WBL Training prior to school starting.

  • An Introduction to WORK BASED LEARNING

    A Work-Based Learning (WBL) Apprenticeship/Internship is a one-credit course. This course provides students with a context in which they can make a personal assessment of their commitment to pursue a career related to the field in which the apprenticeship or internship is completed. Students are assigned apprenticeships or internships in which they participate in situations related to a specific environment. Some of the benefits of the WBL Apprenticeship/Internship includes: gaining on the job experience, acquiring marketable skills, recognizing career goals and learning to work with others. The Apprenticeship/Internship is supervised by a Work-Based Learning Coordinator who holds a Class B or higher certification.
    Work-Based Learning/Apprenticeships are paid work experiences for eligible 11th and 12th grade students where experiences, hours worked, and wages earned are monitored and documented by the employer and coordinator. (Paid work experience herein referred to as Apprenticeship)
    Work-Based Learning/Internships are unpaid work experiences for eligible 11th and 12th grade students where experiences, and hours worked, are monitored and documented by the employer and the coordinator. (Unpaid work experience herein referred to as Internship)
    The purpose of Apprenticeships and Internships is to provide work-based experiences, which typically cannot be obtained in the classroom, in approved training stations.
    WBL Apprenticeship Requirements
    • Prerequisites: Students must have taken the following courses prior to placement in the Internship: Career Preparedness or one Career Technical Education Course.
    • WBL Requirements: Students must be enrolled in the WBL course and complete all required course work.
    • Selection/Qualifications: WBL Candidates must: 
      • Be enrolled in grades 11-12.
      • Have completed the application process.
      • Be selected for participation by the WBL Coordinator
      • Have successfully completed the prerequisite course.
    • Hour Requirements: WBL students must successfully complete 140 hours of work.