Sister 4 Sister

  • Sister for Sister is a peer support mentoring program. Interested ninth grade girls are paired with a "Big Sister" in the eleventh grade. The two remain pairs and participate in activities until the Big Sister graduates after two years. Big sisters and little sisters meet monthly throughout the year at designated times for the pair to get to know each other through activities or projects. Eventually through this program, the upperclassmen will be in a position to provide the needed guidance and support for the younger students. As a result of the friendships that develop through the Sister for Sister, members form bonds that they treasure for many years with students outside of their immediate circle of friends or classmates.

    Goals and Mission Statement:
    To make the transition from middle school to high school easier
    To provide a positive influence for each Little
    To provide closer relationships between girls of different ages
    To help Little’s learn their pathway (This could be translated as a pathway for careers, colleges, and/or life decisions)
    To share the positive ways to V.I.E.W yourself. (Value, Important, Equal, and Worthy)
    To prepare Little’s for upcoming high school experiences and how to handle them (Peer Pressure, Alcohol, Self-Doubt, Relationships, etc.)

    Sponsors: Cass Elliff