• Blue Cross/Blue Shield

    • Basic Major Medical
    • No Referrals
    • Monthly Premium
      • Single Coverage: $15
      • Family Coverage: $177 + $25 Spousal Surcharge

    VIVA Health Plan - HMO

    • Major Medical, Vision, Dental HMO
    • Monthly Premium
      • Single Coverage: $15
      • Family Coverage: $177 + $25 Spousal Surcharge


    All PEEHIP members enrolled in the PEEHIP Hospital Medical or VIVA Health Plan are charged a$28.00 per month PEEHIP premium increase. However, non-tobacco users can have the $28 premium removed from their monthly premium by certifying that they (and their spouse, if the spouse is covered as a dependent) have not used tobacco products within the last 12 months.   Members must certify their tobacco status to PEEHIP to qualify for the $28 to be removed from their monthly premium.

    If you have previously certified your tobacco status and your spouse’s status ( if you have family coverage), you do not need to re-certify every year. You are required to complete a HEALTH INSURANCE AND OPTIONAL STATUS CHANGE form if your or your spouse’s tobacco status changes during the year.

    New employees who enroll in-hospital medical or VIVA Health Plan must certify their tobacco status (and their spouses’ tobacco status if covered as a dependent) by completing the tobacco questions through the Member Online system at the time of enrollment.

Southland Supplemental Insurance Coverage
  • PEEHIP Insurance Allocation   - “3 – 1” Rule

    An employee will earn one additional insurance allocation for every three months the employee has worked at least one-half of the work days in the months worked.

      • Work nine months and receive three summer allocations.

      • Employees working less than nine months will not earn all months and will owe an additional amount for insurance.